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 Improving your Memory in May: Meditation and Relaxation

We made it to the last week in May! I hope everyone has established a workout routine, has tried some new brain boosting recipes, and has taken up crossword puzzles. Today’s blog will complete our Improving Your Memory in May series. We thought we would close with Meditation and Relaxation. Chronic stress has an adverse […]

Improving your Memory in May: Workouts for Your Brain

We made it to the middle of May! Check in time, how are you feeling? Do you feel an improvement in your memory? So far we covered how nutrition plays a role in preventing memory loss and the brain boosting power of aerobic and resistance training workouts. This week we will discuss working out a […]

Improving your Memory in May: Becoming Physically Active

Last week we talked about different foods that could help improve your memory. I hope everyone enjoyed their smoothie and was able to create other delicious recipes from the list we provided! This week we will dive into physical activity. Physical activity is so important and not only helps with overall wellness, cardiovascular health, joint […]

Improving Your Memory in May

We’ve all been there, can’t find where you parked your car? Can’t find your phone? Having trouble remembering someone’s name? If this wasn’t a problem for you before 2020 I can almost guarantee that it is one now. Due to the ongoing stress of the pandemic we all seem to have so much on our […]

Muscle Spasms

A Stitch, Cramp, Charley Horse, or Catch? What is a Muscle Spasm and Why Does it Happen? Muscle spasms can range from a painless twitch to an excruciating attack that brings a pro linebacker to his knees. In fact, many people experience muscles spasms during daily activity: That big toe that sticks down and won’t […]

Got Trigger Finger Trouble?

Trigger fingers are trouble. When triggering starts, it may show up as a soreness at the base of the finger after a repetitive gripping activity. Sometimes that soreness lasts long after the activity is over or shows up the next morning. The soreness may come with visible swelling or thickness at the palm just under […]

Exercise While Watching TV

Watching television is a great way to spend a Friday night, especially when there are so many great shows to choose from. In fact, many conversations now start with, “Did you watch that new show on Netflix?” While it is fun to binge watch a television show, sitting for long periods of time can be […]

Drink More Water

Drink more water. That is a great goal for 2021! In fact, during a recent video call when I was asked what my professional and personal goals were for the upcoming year I replied, “My goal is to drink more water!” Can you relate?  Water is the main component of the body and regulates all […]

Five Myths About Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Carpal tunnel syndrome got a lot of press in the late 2000s. In an interesting 2009 article by an orthopedic surgeon at the Hospital for Special Surgery, the author noted that “the media have perpetuated so much fear” about [carpal tunnel syndrome being caused by repetitive computer keyboard use] that “it is easy to see […]

Post-COVID Chronic Symptoms and What Physical Therapy Can Do To Help.

We are hearing more and more about “COVID long-hauler syndrome” as a description of the chronic symptoms that some people experience after a particularly bad bout of the coronavirus. This syndrome is mainly seen in older adults and in people who have significant underlying medical conditions. The Mayo Clinic describes the symptoms as a combination […]