Continuing Care in the Home

We are here for you! While most facilities have taken precautionary measures to try to help ease your worries about COVID-19, you may still have doubts about continuing your physical therapy in a clinic. Social distancing and other issues such as transportation/scheduling issues, issues of cost, or personal concerns like embarrassment or privacy may lead you to be hesitant to continue your care. We can have a physical therapist come to your home to help with all those concerns!

While it may be tempting to stop before your treatment program has concluded, stopping too early can cost you both in terms of your health and your future goals.

Here are some possible risks to stopping therapy before your body is ready:

•  Risk of Reinjury

•  Stopping treatment before learning how to maintain your health and strength

•  Result in costly tests & unnecessary appointments, even emergency room or hospital stays

•  Permanent bodily damage

You wouldn’t think of skipping your heart medication or your antibiotic. Physical therapy is no different! Consider physical therapy as you would another prescription from your doctor as part of your road to full recovery.

If you’re having trouble figuring out where you are on your physical therapy journey, see below to find out where you may see yourself:

Stage 1, Protection Phase: your body’s aim at this point is to protect your injury from any further damage, gentle movement can be added to maintain mobility, treatments to help control inflammation and pain

Stage 2, Repair Phase: your body has transitioned to repairing the injured tissues which commonly lasts up to six weeks post-injury, strengthening exercises are added as tolerated and increased function begins

Stage 3, Remodeling Phase: the period between six weeks and three months is when your healing tissue is reasonably mature and will automatically stimulate additional new tissue to help strengthen and support the healing tissue until it meets the demands of your normal exercise or physical function

Stage 4, Ongoing Repair and Remodeling: this final stage of tissue repair can last from 3 months up to 12 months, physical therapy treatments focus on improving the quality of the new tissue and preventing reinjury

We can assure you that keeping up with your physical therapy appointments is a good investment for your health, now and in the future!