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Game Day Nutrition Strategy

  Today’s the day – are you ready to win or lose? The best strategy off the field plays into how you perform on the field. What you eat before and after your game can have a major effect on how you perform, and the right foods will give you the right fuel to provide […]

Ways to Manage your Arthritis Symptoms

  If you or a loved one has been dealing with arthritis, it helps to remember there are ways to manage the symptoms that come along with this condition. When it comes to soothing painful joints, movement is the best medicine and is integral to keep your joints as mobile and limber as possible. There […]

What is Bursitis?

  What is Bursitis and its possible causes? Aching, inflamed, and painful joints can often be mistaken for arthritis, but what might really be happening in your body is a case of bursitis. Although bursitis does result in joint pain, it is a condition that concerns the bursae within the joints. In our body, there […]

Preventing Injuries During Wintertime

During the wintertime, our bodies tend to tense up with the cold weather, which makes injuries more likely to occur during this season when the bones, tendons, and ligaments have not been active. Mobilization is key to maintaining your well-being and preventing injuries in your body. Studies show that daily exercise of 15-20 minutes will […]

Stretches for Sciatica Pain Relief

  What is Sciatica and the sciatic nerve?   The sciatic nerve is the longest and thickest nerve in the body. It starts with five nerves in the lower back that come together and form one nerve that runs through the buttocks and down the leg. When there is inflammation of the sciatic nerve it […]

Common Types of Ankle Injuries

  Ankle, such a funny-sounding word, but what exactly is it? A common misconception is that the ankle is the bony, ball-like structure that sticks out on the side of your foot— but that is only a part of your ankle. The ankle is where three of your bones meet: where the tibia & fibula […]

Backpack Safety Tips

  Every year children look forward to filling their backpack with new school supplies, a school lunch, and other things that will prepare them for their day. As the school year marches on, their backpacks tend to become filled with so many things, it can become a little strenuous on their bodies and can lead […]

Pelvic Organ Prolapse & PT

  Women have the incredible ability to create a new human being in the womb; but after nine months of constant change to the mother’s body, things can get out of place and can lead to serious disorders and conditions. What is pelvic organ prolapse? Pelvic organ prolapse, categorized as a pelvic floor disorder, affects […]

How to Choose the Right Shoes for Your Activity

  Finding the right shoe can make you feel a little bit like Cinderella. A proper pair of shoes is one of the most essential parts of your workout gear and is critical to your safety. Different shoes are built with different features suited for different activities, and wearing the wrong shoe can set you […]

Get Moving While You Work

  The past 50 years revealed that at least 8 out of every 10 of us are turning into desk potatoes! According to the Mayo Clinic, more than four hours a day of screen-time can increase your risk of death by any cause by 50 percent. There’s also a 125 percent risk for cardiovascular disease! […]