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 Improving your Memory in May: Meditation and Relaxation

We made it to the last week in May! I hope everyone has established a workout routine, has tried some new brain boosting recipes, and has taken up crossword puzzles. Today’s blog will complete our Improving Your Memory in May series. We thought we would close with Meditation and Relaxation. Chronic stress has an adverse […]

Improving your Memory in May: Workouts for Your Brain

We made it to the middle of May! Check in time, how are you feeling? Do you feel an improvement in your memory? So far we covered how nutrition plays a role in preventing memory loss and the brain boosting power of aerobic and resistance training workouts. This week we will discuss working out a […]

Improving your Memory in May: Becoming Physically Active

Last week we talked about different foods that could help improve your memory. I hope everyone enjoyed their smoothie and was able to create other delicious recipes from the list we provided! This week we will dive into physical activity. Physical activity is so important and not only helps with overall wellness, cardiovascular health, joint […]

Improving Your Memory in May

We’ve all been there, can’t find where you parked your car? Can’t find your phone? Having trouble remembering someone’s name? If this wasn’t a problem for you before 2020 I can almost guarantee that it is one now. Due to the ongoing stress of the pandemic we all seem to have so much on our […]