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Palms Up! Reducing the Pain of Tennis Elbow Through Activity Modification

Tennis elbow (lateral epicondylitis) is often caused by activities other than tennis. In fact, it is sometimes said that bad golfers get tennis elbow and bad tennis players get golfer’s elbow! To avoid passing judgement on your technique :),  let’s talk about the signs and symptoms of tennis elbow and how activity modification can make […]

Are You Sitting More, Eating More, and Exercising Less? 

Many gyms are still closed and many people are choosing not to go to gyms even if they are open. We could all go take a walk, but the days are short and cold in winter. You might be working from home or doing virtual school. The result is that we’re sitting more, eating more, […]

So, You’ve Got A Nagging Pain…Now What?

So, You’ve Got A Nagging Pain…Now What? It takes a lot to distract me from the nagging pain in my right leg that happens every time that I run. It started about 4 years ago in the 10th mile of a half-marathon and it has not stopped since. It pops up after 1.5 miles and […]