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Physical therapy on your schedule

With Houston Concierge Physical Therapy powered by Luna, you’ll get physical therapy at your home, gym, or office on your schedule. Luna is Houston Concierge Physical Therapy’s partner and will handle all your scheduling needs!

Helping patients, one community at a time.

Houston Concierge Physical Therapy is convenient and on your schedule, so you can avoid the traffic, babysitters, and waiting rooms. Our service is covered by most insurance providers and there is no prescription needed to start treatment.

Benefits of Houston Concierge Physical Therapy

Can’t make it into your local clinic, but need physical therapy? We’re excited to announce that Houston Concierge Physical Therapy can now offer therapy right in your own home.  

We’ve just launched a new program designed to serve you better: Houston Concierge Physical Therapy Powered by Luna. Learn about the many benefits for our patients of on-demand physical therapy and how to find out if it’s a good fit for you.

What is Houston Concierge Physical Therapy Powered by Luna?

In a time when we can get just about anything delivered when and where we need it, it makes sense that therapy would be available when and where we need it, as well. Need physical therapy but can’t make it into the clinic? We can come to your home, work, or fitness center!

Is on-demand therapy the same as home health care?

No – the two are distinctly different. Home healthcare is a service that requires strict eligibility, which includes a physician certifying that an individual is homebound. Once the person is safe to go out in the community again, they no longer qualify. Home healthcare also includes other services such as nursing, speech therapy, and occupational therapy.

On the other hand, on-demand care is as easy to qualify for as outpatient care. In fact, on-demand care is outpatient care performed in the home environment, rather than inside the clinic.

There are many times when on-demand is simply a more convenient option, especially early on in recovery when it is tough to get to a clinic.

Who is a good fit for on-demand therapy?

Turns out that on-demand physical therapy can be ideal for a wide variety of patients, whether you’re an athlete looking for high-level sports training within your home gym, or you are fresh out of rotator cuff surgery, for example.

There’s such a wide variety of people who can benefit from physical therapy in the home environment. Here are just a few types of patients we’re excited to serve in this new way:

  • New moms or moms with young kids who can’t make it out of the house;
  • Elderly persons who don’t drive or don’t have access to transportation;
  • Busy executives or frontline workers whose schedules don’t fit regular clinic hours;
  • Those with back pain or other pain that prevents them from leaving their home;
  • Someone suffering from vertigo who can’t safely drive;
  • Individuals who are ready to start therapy right after surgery

What is the Houston Concierge Physical Therapy experience like?

An on-demand visit can be similar to an in-clinic visit in a lot of ways, depending on the stage of rehab and individual patient needs. The clinic environment usually offers more resources and you and your therapist may decide that in-clinic visits are more beneficial as you progress through recovery.

One major perk of our on-demand offering is that our therapists will meet you where you are in your recovery journey and can tailor your treatment to your home environment.

We can’t wait to bring you this level of extraordinary care, right to your home. Interested in speaking with a Houston Concierge Physical Therapy Powered by Luna representative or thinking about getting started today? Get all the details here.

Ready to give Houston Concierge Physical Therapy by Luna a try? Contact us today for an appointment. We’ll get you all setup, help answer your insurance questions, and get you on your way to feeling and moving better.