Are You Sitting More, Eating More, and Exercising Less? 

Many gyms are still closed and many people are choosing not to go to gyms even if they are open. We could all go take a walk, but the days are short and cold in winter. You might be working from home or doing virtual school. The result is that we’re sitting more, eating more, and exercising less. 

What can you do to stay fit even in when you’re stuck at home? Here are some suggestions on how to create an exercise program that you can do in your own living room. 

  1. Move! Just about any kind and amount of movement is better than none. Set a timer on your computer or phone to remind you to move more throughout the day. If you get bored with just remembering to move, then try tidying up around the house. You’ll probably have to make a number of trips up and down the halls and stairs to get everything in its rightful place. Maybe take a walk around the block during lunch. You could work on a step count and set a daily goal. 


  1. Stretch! Computer work is the worst for positioning and creates a forward-head posture and curve of the spine. Take all of your limbs, your back, and neck to the comfortable limit of their movement at least once per day. And don’t forget to breathe while you stretch. Breathing helps get oxygen to the brain and can reduce the effects of fatigue. 


  1. Lift! The Mayo clinic says that even 20-30 minutes of light weight training a few times per week can make a big difference in strength, appearance, and the effects of aging. It doesn’t have to be much weight and you can work up to 12-15 repetitions before going any higher. And you can use things around the house instead of true dumbbells so that they are more accessible. 


All physical activity has benefits but can also have risks. Talk with your doctor before starting any exercise program and be sure that you are progressing safely and effectively. And physical therapy can help! Don’t let an injury keep you from exercising – your PT can help design a home exercise program to keep you moving forward. Check out PT& for a therapy clinic near you.


And here’s to good health in 2021!


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