Improving your Memory in May: Becoming Physically Active

Last week we talked about different foods that could help improve your memory. I hope everyone enjoyed their smoothie and was able to create other delicious recipes from the list we provided!

This week we will dive into physical activity. Physical activity is so important and not only helps with overall wellness, cardiovascular health, joint mobility, and diabetes, but also has brain boosting power! Working out facilitates neuroplasticity of certain structures in the brain which enhances cognitive function.

Your workouts should include aerobic training like swimming, walking, or jogging and resistance training with light weights or resistance bands. Aerobic activity can improve cognitive abilities, while resistance training enhances memory, working memory, and executive function.

New to exercise? Don’t worry, we got you covered! Here are some exercise ideas for land, water, chair yoga, and resistance training.

Water aerobic exercises

  1. Aqua jogging
  2. Flutter kicking
  3. Leg lifts
  4. Standing water push-ups
  5. Arm curls

Chair Yoga

  1. Overhead stretch
  2. Seated cow stretch
  3. Seated cat stretch
  4. Seated mountain pose
  5. Seated twist

Resistance band workouts

  1. Leg press
  2. Triceps press
  3. Lateral raise
  4. Bicep curl
  5. Band pull apart

Ideas for walking exercises

  1. Find a friend or family member to walk with
  2. Find a moderate trail through a park
  3. Walk the perimeter of a familiar building
  4. Find an audiobook or a playlist for stimulation during your walk

When first starting out be sure to check with your doctor to make sure that you are in good health.Aim for 3 days per week, just 30 minutes a day. Remember safety first and working out is always better with a friend. Also, nothing caps off a great workout like a refreshing smoothie with some memory-boosting power!

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